11th International exhibition of medical treatment abroad
17–19 March 2020 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

Business program

New business program 2019 is being formulated

Businness program 2018.
Presentation Area (Stand М207, Hall 2, Pavilion 2)
 13 March, Tuesday


Business interactive discussion ‘International Exchange’

Organised by: Health Tourism Association
Format: open dialogue
Discussion participants: representatives of foreign and Russian clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, government institutions, corporations

·         International exchange in health tourism industry. Active longevity as a world trend 

Speaker: Elena Trubnikova, President of Health Tourism Association
·         Experience of rehabilitation and preventive medicine state programmes implementation
Speaker: Natalia Startseva, Acting Director of National Medical Research Centre of Rehabilitation and Balneology
·         How did Slovenia become a recreation brand? Rehabilitation and preventive programmes integration in general medical system by example of Slovenian resorts
Speaker: Valeriy Arakelov, thermal tourism expert, Slovenia
·         Role of insurance companies in creating of recreational programmes for companies and private clients. The problems of working at the international market
Speaker: Yulia Kuznetsova, representative of ‘AlfaStrakhovanie Medicine’ company
·         What a modern sanatorium should be like?
Speaker: Tatiana Labendik, CEO of balneological hotel
·         Hungarian resorts. International experience in clinic-resort cooperation system
Speaker: Shandor Fabian, Tourism Councilor at Embassy of the Republic of Hungary, Russia
·         Czech Republic experience in clinic-resort international cooperation system
Martin Plachi, Vice-President of Association of Czech resorts
12:00–12:30 Innovative methods of back pain treatment 

Speaker: Yasyyuki Nonaka, representative of International Lumbago Clinic
12:30–13:00 Rehabilitation in Greece

Speaker: Sam Awad, CEO of GMTP company
13:00–13:30 Loewenstein – one of the best rehabilitation centres in Israel

Speaker: Arthur Kaziev, Head of Loewenstein international department
  Prospective areas of ‘Emek’ centre of advanced medicine

Speaker: Arthur Minevic, representative of ‘Emek’ Medical Center
Medical tourism market niches: agency growing points

Speaker: Evgeniy Chernyshev, Vice President of International Medical Tourism Agencies Association
14:30–18:00  Conference ‘Strengths of Medical Korea’.
Memorandum conclusion

Organised by: Korea International Medical Association, International Medical Tourism Agencies Association

Speakers: representatives of South Korea clinics

14 March, Wednesday

Conference ‘Medical and Rehabilitation Tourism 2018 ’

Organised by: Russian Healthcare Travel Council (RHTC)
Moderator: Marina Golubkova, RHTC coordinator

Introductory remarks

Speaker: Oksana Medvedeva, President of Russian Healthcare Travel Council (RHTC) , Vice President of Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC)
10:40–11:00 International certification – patients` safety guarantee 

Speaker: Oksana Medvedeva, President of Russian Healthcare Travel Council (RHTC) , Vice President of Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC)
11:00–11:30 Advantages of treatment in Greece. New areas of surgery
Speaker: Sam Awad, CEO of GMTP company
11:30–12:00 Strengths of Spain medicine. Service and customer focus
Speaker: Jorge Alvares, representative of Spain medical tourism sector 
What Israel medicine is still leading in?

Speaker: Helena Chupina,  representative of RHTC (Ural)

12:30–13:00 Italian medical tourism achievements. Spinal and minimally invasive surgery
Speaker: Fabio Tresoldi, neurosurgery specialist, representative of Salusgate company
13:00–13:30 Breakthrough in medical tourism and patients` treatment quality in Turkey
Speaker: Leila Abu Ahmed, representative of RHTC (Turkey)
14:30–15:00 Advanced treatment in Finland. Top areas of medical tourism
Speaker: Olga Konovalova, medical consultant of Helena Medical Group
15:00–15:30 Rehabilitation and SPA for foreign patients. Thailand and Egypt
Speaker: Ilya Dubrovskiy, main editor of ‘Tourist’ magazine
15:30–16:00 Overview of medical tourism sector in Tunisia
Speaker: Valeriy Buyanov, founder of  Health Tourism School in Moscow
Treatment in Baltic countries. Prices and specialisation. Lithuania

Speaker: Renata Grytene, representative of doctors`union ‘Surgery experts’ 

Why do Russians choose India?  Strengths of UAE and China

Speaker: Helena Pankova, representative of RHTC (NorthWest)

Exhibitors` presentations

13:30–14:00 Heart Centre Astana. Improving health of patients with cardiovascular diseases
Speaker: Asel Mazhibaeva, representative of National Research Cardiac Surgery Centre
14:00–14:30 Medical Tourism in Bulgaria – advanced treatment  and competitive advantage of Acibadem clinics network
Speakers: Denis Seifullin, Leisan Filipova, representatives of Acibadem clinics

15 March, Thursday

Exhibitors` presentations

12:30–13:00 Helsinki University Hospital – new cutting-edge technologies in medicine 
Speakers: Petri Yalovaara, Tiyna Aho, Olga Konovalova – representatives of HYKSIN clinic

Training course for travel and medical tourism agencies

Organised by: International Medical Tourism Agencies Association


Medical tourism market: growth point for travel agency 

Speaker: Evgeniy Chernyshev, Vice President of International Medical Tourism Agencies Association


Medical tourism agency: foundation and development step by step

Speaker: Evgeniy Chernyshev, Vice President of International Medical Tourism Agencies Association


10 indicators of agency`s correct work (checklist for new agencies)

Speaker: Tatiana Sokolova, General Director of medical tourism agency ‘MedicaTour’