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Medical Tourism to Malaysia

Malaysia is one the fastest emerging destinations for medical tourism
Medical Tourism to Malaysia
Last year, Malaysia was visited by 1.2 million medical tourists, which is 2 times more than in 2011. The total profit from medical tourism in Malaysia also increased from $127 million to $362 million.

To date, there is an annual increase in the volume of medical tourism in Malaysia by 16-17%. The Malaysian health tourism Council (MHTC – Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council ) aims to target new markets in ASEAN and the Middle East. The Ministry of Finance, together with MHTC, is engaged in the development of medical tourism under the brand «Malaysia Healthcare».

The growth of the medical tourism market in the world has affected Malaysia. Due to the constantly growing quality of medical services and availability of service, Malaysia has become popular among foreign patients. Every year the country is visited by medical tourists from the UK, USA, Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia and other countries. So the number of tourists from 643 000 people in 2011, increased to 1 200 000 by 2018. Income from this sector of the country’s economy increased from $127 million to $362 million.

Thanks to the recognition of international analytical agencies, Malaysia’s private healthcare system has a solid reputation that helps to attract patients from all over the world. Malaysia was recognized as «the Best country in the world in the field of health» from 2015 to 2017 and 2019 by the American edition of «International Living»
. The British magazine International Medical Travel Journal also called Malaysia »the Destination of the year» for travel in the health sector from 2015 to 2017. In the same year, the number of tourists arriving in medical tourism for the first time reached 1 million people (1,050,000) in Malaysia.


Malaysia has chosen for itself the key areas in medical tourism, to focus on the target audience. Malaysia is a global Halal hub for medical tourism in the middle East. Today, permanent contracts are being negotiated with the governments of Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to the famous Malaysian Institute of the National Institute of cardiology and 33 cardiology centers, the country positions the NSC as the center “Asian center of cardiology”. High rates of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures also allow to attract patients from all over Asia.

Malaysia is now actively introducing new technologies in the treatment of patients. Experts of medical tourism of the country, talking about the fourth industrial revolution in the diagnosis and exchange of information. Already today, artificial intelligence, storage and processing of data by means of BigData tools are being implemented in the country’s health care. Thanks to the support of the state and the continuous development of medical tourism in the country, Malaysia has prospects for long-term growth.


Source: rusmed.site